Texas Whitetail Hunting

Texas is probably best known for its incredible Whitetail Deer Hunting with a population of over 4 million animals, diverse habitat and huge trophies; look no further than All Seasons Guide Service for Texas Hunting.

Our diverse terrain of over 65,000 acres of privately owned and managed land offer some amazing Texas Whitetail hunting opportunities. These properties are located from the South Texas Brush Country to the Hill Country of Texas. We offer hunts on low fenced ranches of over 30,000 acres to completely high fenced ranches under intense feeding and genetic programs that can produce incredible Texas Whitetails. Our hunting success at close to 99% is a result of hunting properties that are strictly managed and never over hunted. We never overbook or take more trophies than a property can support and we keep our hunting groups small. Our properties get better every year with proper management and selective harvest.

It is not possible to list every property we hunt or to go in to enough detail to describe all on our web-site, few are detailed below: if you have any questions or would like to hear about additional property not listed please give us a call at (361) 920-2825. The properties listed are good representatives of what to expect from ASGS.

E4 Ranch

The E4 Ranch consists of 3,000 low fenced acres of prime Whitetail hunting paradise, located near the small town of McFaddin, about 20 miles south of Victoria, Texas. This South Texas Ranch has a variety of terrain, from thick brush covered draws, to rolling terrain covered with Mesquite and Live Oak trees; it provides a well-balanced wildlife habitat. A hunter has the opportunity to see a variety of wildlife, as this property is home to an incredible amount of Whitetail Deer, Rio Grande Turkeys, feral Hogs, and great Dove Hunting.

The E4 Ranch has been expertly managed to produce Trophy Whitetail Deer with the guidance of a State appointed Wildlife Biologist. It operates under Level 3 Managed Land Deer Permits issued by the Texas Parks and Wildlife. These MLD Permits allow for an extended Deer Season, which usually starts the first part of October and runs through February. This allows extra time to remove the inferior genetics from the herds, and the ability to be very selective of the deer harvested.

Other management practices include year round supplement feeding, planting of food plots, subscribed vegetation burns, aerial brush control, and rotation of domestic livestock grazing. This ranch has been managed and groomed to create a haven for wildlife.


The main ranch house at the E4 Ranch has been transformed with the sole purpose of entertaining our guest. The 4 Bedroom 2 Bath House sleeps 9 and with the adjacent bunk house we can accommodate 8 more guest comfortably. Before and after dinner we have two large outside fire pits at the main house and large outside porches that offer plenty of room to unwind and talk about the day’s events. No one wants to miss their favorite team play so for those must see football games we have satellite television. Delicious home cooked meals are served at E4 including our famous mesquite grilled rib eye steaks and baby back ribs; we guarantee no loss of weight on this trip. For additional entertainment we have a regulation lighted skeet range which is great for sharpening shooting skills or just friendly competition.

Whitetail Hunts

The E4 is home to an incredible amount of whitetail deer, and it’s common to see 10-15 bucks a day usually many more. The ranch consistently produces trophy class bucks that gross score 130-150 B&C. Once you have harvested your buck you may continue your hunt by taking a doe and as many hogs as you would like to take home. Most of the hunting is done from comfortable tower blinds.

All hunts are full service with meals, lodging and guided 1 on 1.

Trophy Whitetail HuntCost
These hunts include: 1 Mature Trophy Buck, 1 Doe and 2 Hogs.
3 Days/2 Nights$4250
4 Days/3 Nights$4400
5 Days/4 Nights$4750
Classic Whitetail HuntCost
These hunts include: 1 Mature 8 Point Buck, 1 Doe and 2 Hogs.
3 Days/2 Nights$3000
4 Days/3 Nights$3250
5 Days/4 Nights$3750
  • Itinerari
  • Day One: You will meet your guide and check your rifle at the range you will then take you on your evening hunt.
  • Day Two: Early continental style breakfast, morning hunt; arrive back at camp for big breakfast, at around 3 pm we will prepare to leave for your evening hunt.
  • Day Three: Same as day two the only exception being the menu.
  • Day Four: Early continental breakfast, morning hunt; arrive back at camp for big breakfast. You will depart around noon.

With work and airline connections arriving early afternoon is not always possible; we will be glad to price your hunt according to your schedule. In such case, the 5 Day/4 Night Package would be an alternative.

Hog Hunts at the E4 Ranch

Take a look at our Hog and Javelina page for details and pricing.

Dove Hunts at the E4 Ranch

Take a look at the Dove Hunting page for details.

Duval County Ranch

South Texas Deer Hunting does not get much better than this high fenced deer mecca. Located in big deer country just 18 miles from Freer, Texas the home of the Legendary Muy Grande Contest this is a hunter's paradise. There are reasons why this area of South Texas produces huge bucks year after year; the vegetation and gene pool are unlike any other part of Texas, which has given this area of Texas the nickname "The Golden Triangle".

This property is under an extensive game management program. With selective breeding and the introduction of superior whitetail genetics, this ranch produces whitetail bucks with 160" – 210" gross B & C scores.

The ranch has thick South Texas brush which is impenetrable to humans but is the perfect habitat for Whitetail Deer. For this reason, hunts on this ranch are conducted December – January during the peak of rut when bucks are most active.

  • 3 Day Hunting Package
  • $2,500 plus the trophy fee of the buck you harvest.

El Corazon Ranch

The El Corazon Ranch is located near Refugio Texas and consists of 1,700 low fenced acres. This property is uniquely situated in that it is completely surrounded on three sides by a large 100,000 plus acre ranch that is virtually not hunted. The ranch has a very diverse habitat, from thick scrub oak, to relatively open pastures covered in live oaks and mesquite. This area of Texas can support large populations of Whitetail Deer and this ranch is no exception. Along with feral hogs and Rio Grande Turkeys you can expect to see 15-20 bucks per day with a realistic chance of harvesting a 160" Texas Whitetail.

Our guest will enjoy the rich Texas Heritage of the spacious 6000 sq. ft. historic ranch headquarters. The main house boosts 6 bedrooms and 6-1/2 baths a huge dining room that seats 16 guests in front one of many massive fireplaces. The accommodations are truly an unparalleled Texas experience as are the meals when you hunt this impressive piece of property.

Whitetail Hunts

All of the hunts are guided one on one with a professional guide that will help in selecting just the right harvest. Most of the hunting is done from comfortable tower and ground blinds that allow us to see the most deer possible without disturbing them. Once you have harvested your buck you may also take a doe and continue your hunt by hunting hogs the rest of your stay.

Trophy Whitetail HuntCost
3 Days/2 Nights$4,250.00
4 Days/3 Nights$4,400.00
5 Days/4 Nights$4,750.00
Classic Whitetail HuntCost
3 Days/ 2 Nights$3,000.00
4 Days/ 3 Nights$3,250.00
5 Days/4 Nights$3,750.00

Hog Hunts at the El Corazon Ranch

Take a look at our Hog and Javelina page for details and pricing.

Stonewall 10 X Ranch

This 2,400 acre property is located in Stonewall County, near the town of Aspermont. The ranch offers premier trophy hunting for big whitetail bucks. If you’re looking for the buck of a lifetime: Stonewall 10 X Ranch is your destination. Hunting packages include hunts for bucks ranging in score from 150 to over 230 gross Boone Crockett inches. The stunning Ranch House overlooks the Brazos River with great meals and hospitality you will have a hunting experience that will last a lifetime.

The terrain of the property is very diverse; from gently rolling hills to rough broken country with big canyons that drop to the Brazos River below. The views are awesome. Completely high fenced, this property is intensively managed to produce quality trophy whitetails. Year-round supplement wildlife feeding stations located throughout the ranch to ensure wildlife has everything they need to reach their greatest potential. The property is well watered, with numerous ponds throughout, and several 5-10 acre lakes that attract large amounts of waterfowl. And the Bobwhite Quail Hunting is some of the best in Texas.

2017 Price List
140” – 149”$4,250
150” – 159”$5,250
160” – 169”$6,250
170” – 179”$7,500
180” – 189”$8,750
190” – 199”$9,750
200” – 209”$10,750
210” – 219”$11,750
220” – 230”$12,750
Other Hunts
Black Buck$3,750
Quail HuntsPriced on Request and must be booked several months in advance to secure Quail Guides. This country is loaded with Bobwhite’s and is some of the best in Texas.
Duck Hunts$200 per person and can be added on to any Hunt Package when seasons permit.

Hunting Package

Three Day Hunting Package $2,500 which is included in the price of your buck. This would be the cost of your hunt if you did not harvest a buck on your 3-Day Hunt Package. Chances of this are highly unlikely. Included in your 3-Day Hunt Package: Meals and Lodging, one on one guide service and care of your harvest.

Getting Here

The Stonewall 10 X Ranch is located near the town of Aspermont, TX in Stonewall County. We are approximately 115 miles from Lubbock, TX and 230 miles from Dallas/Fort Worth. We recommend flying into the Lubbock International (LBB) and renting a car. Or if you’re flying private we will pick you up at the Stonewall County Airport (T60) in Aspermont.

Dryden Ranch

The Dryden Ranch consists of 26,000 acres and is located near Sanderson, Texas in the Trans-Pecos Region of Texas. This part of Texas is very rough; transitioning between the Texas Hill Country and West Texas. The habitat is diverse ranging from rocky mountainous areas, to thick scrub oak draws, to open plateaus. It is also a transition area for Whitetail Deer and Mule Deer and you will often see both species on any given hunt. The Dryden Ranch is under strict game management and has produced several 160-170 class whitetail bucks in recent years with the largest gross scoring 186 B&C. While the average buck harvested will score in the 130 -150 range the possibility for a huge buck is a reality and can happen on any hunt. Our Whitetail Hunts are conducted from comfortable blinds and we offer fully guided and semi-guided hunts.

The ranch also has a wide variety of exotics available that roam the 40 sq. miles freely and are not contained in small pastures: there is one parameter fence on this property. If you have ever dreamed of going to Africa on a Safari but haven't the time or the desire to fly for 44 hours this ranch has many of the most popular plains animals including Kudu , Gemsbok , Addax , Thompson Gazelle to name a few. Our hunting tactics are also very similar to African Style Hunting we will drive in high racked trucks and glass the vast land scape once a potential trophy is spotted the hunt is on foot the rest of the way. Most stalks are 1/2 to 1- 1⁄2 miles some longer and may take hours to get into position. This is open country, 200-300 yard shots are required and we suggest Harris Bipods for your rifle.

Fully Guided Trophy Whitetail Hunt$4250
Fully Guided Classic Whitetail Hunt$2500
Semi Guided Trophy Whitetail Hunt$3750
Semi Guided Classic Whitetail Hunt$2000

Both Guided and Semi-Guided Hunts include meals and lodging, skinning and quartering of game, transportation of trophy to qualified taxidermist.

Fully Guided Hunts are guided 1 on 1 with a guide that knows the ranch and the deer on it that will help you make the decision on the right trophy.

Semi-Guided Hunts provide transportation to and from the blinds and you will be hunting alone and making your own decisions.

Trophy Whitetail is defined as any buck with 9 or more points.

Classic Whitetail is defined as any buck with 8 or less points.

Exotics may be added to any Whitetail Hunt for complete pricing take a look at our Exotic page.

Willacy County Ranch

A 30,000 acre, low fenced wildlife sanctuary, is the only way to describe this ranch near Ramondville, Texas. This truly unbelievable piece of property is located on the coastal plains of South Texas and is home to an abundant amount of Free Roaming Whitetail Deer, Nilgai Antelope, and Rio Grande Turkeys. We have been conducting our Nilgai Hunts here since 1998 but it was not until 2008 that we were given permission to harvest a limited number of Trophy Whitetail Bucks.

There are many reasons this hunt is so unique and special. The one that is most apparent is the Whitetail Deer on this ranch have virtually not been hunted in over 100 years. You can actually see how Whitetails have evolved from human pressure since of the turn century, and how Native Americans hunted them with such primitive weapons. The other unique feature is there are no permanent blinds or feeders on the ranch, pretty unique for Texas.

The Hunts

Our rifle hunts are conducted Safari Style out of high racked trucks. Rattling bucks in during early December is a very effective method and on exceptional days 50 or more bucks can be rattled in. To say this hunt is exciting is an understatement. If you are tired of Hunting Whitetail Deer out of a stand: get out Of the Box this hunt is as good as it gets.

Texas Whitetail Bow Hunting

The opportunity to harvest a Pope & Young Whitetail will present itself on a daily basis on this property. If you have the skill and patience we will do our part by putting you in position to harvest a Pope & Young Texas Whitetail. Of course there are no guarantees with bow hunting but this may be as good as it gets.

Our Trophy Harvest Quota is 5-10 Whitetail Bucks per year depending on environmental conditions. If you are a discriminating hunter seeking a truly unique Texas Hunt come join us on the Coastal Plains of South Texas.

Bow/Rifle Whitetail Trophy HuntCost
4 Days/3 Nights (Fully Guided)$8,500

La Salle County Ranch

Hunting Package: 3-Day Hunt $2500 - Includes meals lodging, one on one guide service, and care of your game.

Gross B&C ScoreTrophy FeeTotal Cost
UP TO 120NONE$2500.00
121 to 129-7/8$250.00$2750.00
130 to 130-7/8$1250.00$3750.00
140 to 149-7/8$2250.00$4750.00
150 to 159-7/8$3500.00$6000.00
160 to 169-7/8$5000.00$7500.00
170 to 179-7/8$9000.00$11,500.00
180 to 189-7/8$11,500.00$14,000.00
190 to 199-7/8$14,000.00$16,500.00
200+$18000 + $350/inch

Example: On a buck scoring 210 gross B&C, the Trophy Fee would be $21,500.00, and the Total Cost would come to $24,500.00.

Whitetail Hunting Pictures

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